Report From Jacksonville, Fl.

Submitted by Joe O'Leary


Had some good wind at Huguenot Park, Jacksonville, FL. the weekend of 3/3/01. Friday afternoon the winds were out of the SW 20 to 25 and All day Saturday the winds were 25 - 30 mph out of the S. The St. Johns river was the best place to sail Friday and Saturday morning because the tide was out and the "Pond" did not have enough water. However, Saturday afternoon the Pond was full and we had major flat water with ripping winds. We had a bad rain storm come through on Sunday morning but that was the extent of inclement weather for the entire weekend. Sailing on the ocean was the agenda for Sunday morning and early afternoon (after the rain). There was no chop; however, some nice rolling swells. In short Jax. Fl. was the place to be for the weekend of 3/3/01. I was so distracted about what a good time I had during the drive home that I actually ran out of gas on the interstate just outside of Savannah and had to get a roadside service to bring some gas out to me. How embarrassing.


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