Welcome to Ramsey Creek Access!

Ramsey Creek Park is one of only 3 launch sites available on Lake Norman to the public. Fortunately for us, Ramsey has a fantastic open fetch to the Southwest.

To get there, take I-77 North from Charlotte. At exit #28 go west approximately 1.5 miles. Look for a small sign on the right side of the road. This sign is only about knee high so watch carefully!

This photo was taken on a day when the wind was gusting upwards of 40mph. Typically, we don't have 40mph winds. More likely than not our winds preceeding a cold front will blow between 15-25 mph. When the cold fronts finally do come through everyone heads to Blythe Landing.


In April of 1993 we had winds like this 3 times a week. In general, our windiest months are Feb.,March, and April.

If you want to learn to windsurf, Ramsey Creek can be a good place to learn because of the park setting. There are police nearby and vending machines to buy snacks.

Most of my friends and I learned to sail here.

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